Friday, April 17, 2015

Rawlings Improves Its 5150 BBCOR Bat

When it comes to alloy bats, Rawlings says it best—“BBCOR bats deliver when hitters need it most: every at bat, every time.”

Rawlings' 5150 Alloy BBCOR bat (model number BB5150) leads that charge. The introduction of the Comp-Lite end cap has given it greater balance than previous models.

The end cap lowers the moment of inertia (MOI) to maximize swing speed.

This bat also features Precision-Optimized Performance™ barrel technology (pOp™). This technology isolates the weight of the bat in a small region of the barrel for better trampoline effect and barrel flex.

The 1-piece 5150 frame is Rawlings' most durable and highest-performing alloy. Rawlings developed its own metal-forming process to create its 5150 BBCOR bats. This process allows for precise wall thickness, resulting in maximum pop.

Made for the high school and college levels, this bat is 0.50 BBCOR certified.

Look for it in lengths ranging from 30” to 34”, all with a -3 drop.

A 1 year warranty is available.

Check out all of Rawlings' BBCOR-approved high school/collegiate bats at Rawlings' official online store.

Contact a Rawlings Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to answer all your questions about Rawlings' 5150 Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat.

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