Monday, October 20, 2014

Rawlings' S90 Performance Rating Helmet Now Available in Matte Finish

If you're a college or high school player facing top pitching, Rawlings' S90® Performance Rating™ helmet is designed for you.

Rawlings' 90 MPH batting helmet (model number S90PAM) features the exclusive MLB® helmet design in a new rubberized matte finish.

Heat Exchange™ vents circulate cooler ambient air.

The enhanced ABS plastic shell is available in matte black, cardinal, dark green, maroon, navy, purple, royal, scarlet and white.

It is designed to protect against high-speed impacts up to 90 miles per hour, what Rawlings calls its S90® Performance Rating™.

Targeted for collegiate and high school players who generally face pitch speeds at or below 90 MPH, the S90® brings increased protection and performance to any player striving to reach the next level.

Rawlings' S90® dual density foam liner has been added for maximum impact absorption and optimal comfort.

It is available at Rawlings' official online store in sizes small (6-⅞ to 7), medium (7-⅛ to 7-¼), large (7-⅜ to 7-½) and extra large (7-⅝ to 7-¾).

Rawlings encourages all players and their parents to “know your speed.” Look for the Rawlings seal before you step to the plate. Rawlings' Performance Rating™ can be found on the rear of the helmet, as well as on the interior crown padding.

Other Rawlings Performance Rating™ batting helmets, including the S90® with clear-coat finish, are available at Rawlings' official online store.

Visit the online store or contact a contact a Rawlings Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to order your Rawlings 90 MPH batting helmet.

• NOCSAE® baseball batting helmet standards involve tests of baseballs fired from a cannon at 60 mph at a distance of 2 ft, which is roughly equivalent to an impact resulting from a pitch speed of 68 mph at a distance of 60 ft.
• The Rawlings Performance Rating™ System is based on pitch speeds at a distance of 60 ft.
• NOCSAE® standards require that a batting helmet withstand all test impacts at an established peak severity index (SI). Helmets also must survive all test protocols substantially intact and ready for use.
• The NOCSAE® standard is aimed at reducing the risk of skull fractures. The standard has not been correlated with reducing the risk of concussions from such impacts.

WARNING: Severe head or neck injury, including paralysis or death may occur to you despite using this helmet. No helmet can prevent all head injuries or any neck injuries a player might receive while participating in baseball or softball.

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