Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rawlings' 5150 BBCOR Bat Available in Half Sizes

Rawlings’ 5150 Alloy baseball bat is now available in half sizes at Rawlings Gear.

Look for it in lengths of 31.5”, 32.5” and 33.5”, all with a -3 drop.

The 5150 Alloy -3 baseball bat (model number BBCA) features a large sweet spot and a low swing weight, and it is BBCOR approved.

“By far, the best BBCOR bat on the market,” wrote baseball parent Vitiman in a review at Rawlings Gear. “I researched just about all of them and decided to buy this one for my 15-year-old son who will be a freshman in high school this year. Unlike many of the other BBCOR bats that sound dead when you hit with it and are very top heavy, the 5150 has great pop for a BBCOR bat and is very evenly weighted. The clincher for me was that two of the teams in the college world series last year used this bat with great success. Also, very competitively priced. Would recommend to anyone looking for a BBCOR bat.”

Rawlings developed its own metal-forming process to create the 5150 BBCOR bat. This process allows for precise wall thickness, resulting in maximum pop and the best trampoline effect available.

To optimize the bat's swing weight, Rawlings created Precision-Optimized Performance Technology™, or POP, that isolates the weight in a small region, maximizing bat speed and control.

Watch this Rawlings video to learn about the advantages and technology used to develop the 5150 BBCOR bat and hear testimonials from the head baseball coaches of top college programs.

Visit RawlingsGear.com or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to purchase your Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Bat today.

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