Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rawlings' 12” Gold Glove Gamer Will Move With You

Rawlings’ 12” Gold Glove Gamer is made to move around the field with you.

Whether you play infield, outfield or pitcher, this glove (model number GG12XTCG at Rawlings Gear) can handle the demands of each position.

It features the Trap-Eze web, often called the “six finger” glove because the web is an extension of the glove. It has a conventional back.

“Great glove; I play on the high school team and this is perfect for almost every position. And it is a great price too,” wrote baseballbeast in a review at Rawlings Gear.

Other customers agree.

“This glove is a great pick for competitive players who want to make great plays in the field. The Trap-Eze web pattern is helpful when I make plays at third base, pitcher and sometimes in the outfield. This glove is great for players who can play any position. Great glove!” wrote BrndonTheBaseballPlayer.

With just 10 percent of break-in left to the player, Rawlings’ Gold Glove Gamers arrive nearly ready to go. Gold Glove Gamers are made from the top 15 percent of the hide. With a super-soft, game-ready feel and full-grain finger linings, these gloves are both comfortable and functional.

Rawlings’ 12” Gold Glove Gamer is available for left-handed players under model number GG12XTCG-RH.

For that extra touch, let Rawlings Gear engrave your glove.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to buy your Rawlings 12” Gold Glove Gamer.

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